Bad Accident in Desert

Four men found butchered and decapitated in Guerrero, Mexico.

Dec/10/09, Guerrero, Mexico--;Four men were found butchered and decapitated in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, the local authorities informed that the mutilated bodies were found Thursday some 100 meters from the building of Public Ministry for Common Issues, in the city Chilpancingo, and were scattered in a ten meters area, The four bodies, who at this moment remain unidentified, were totally naked, showed signs of extreme torture like the cutting of ears and genitals and were severely beaten up, and finally, their hands, legs, arms and heads were cut off, next to the bodies, a piece of cardboard with the next message was found: "NEXT TIME SEND MORE PREPARED PEOPLE, YOU FUKCING SINALOANS AND MICHOACANS, COME AND PICK UP YOUR FUKCING TRASH, Att: THE BOSS OF BOSSES" (the so called "boss of bosses" is believed to be Arturo Beltran Leyva, leader of the Beltran Leyva drug cartel)

Double murder caught on tape

Jealousy was the reason for a Thai man, killing his ex girlfriend/wife and an innocent bystander in a parking garage.
You can see the man following his ex, a dispute starts. Then an innocent man tries to arbitrate the dispute, he is fatally shot in the head by the suspect. Finally, the suspect also executes the woman by shots to the head.


Lunatic Pulls Out His Own Toenail

Very cool, 1 down, 9 more to go.

Aftermath of a Dude's Hand Caught in a Meat Grinder (Warning: Graphic)

Moron Jumps into a Cactus Field

Nobel Prize Material for sure.

CD crash

A determined stupid idiot tries to crack a CD with his forehead.

Guy Accidentally Slices his Friend with a Chainsaw

Woman Beats Up Her 83 Year Old Mother Caught on Tape

Police arrested a Brazilian woman for beating her 83 year old mother. The suspect said she was tired of listening to the creepy screams from her mother and she had no choice but to beat her up. Her neighbors recorded the footage and it will be used as evidence in court.

Man loses his head

Man get's his head cut off. next time use something better than a butterknife... jeez took a while.

Above Knee Amputation

An above knee amputation of a 42year old male who was in a motorcycle accident

Below Knee Amputation

Amputation surgery of the left foot

Lion almost bites arm off!

You should have known that it is not wise to step on a lion's paw!

Electrician In Training (OUCH)

Electrician training to wire lines...

Fatal Accident

machete fight

This man fought and led to worse, he is crying and asking for water 

Woman Castrating a pig

They say that cutting the balls off makes the meat more tender...
Could care less how tender, Poor bastard. 

BTW: Turn the speakers down, it gets loud.

Wipeout - aftermath

Here's the aftermath of the accident clip I managed to repost. Warning; GRAPHIC

Boys hand removed from meat grinder

This video shows the removal of a boys hand from a meat grinder.

Ayad killed in front of his brother

Ayad Killed By Mercenary In The Arms Of His Brother In Benghazi, Libya.

Car run over womens

Vietnamese General Shoots a Prisoner to Prove That He is Tough

Enraged Crowd Beat Robbers to Death and Set Them on Fire

Twelve Year Old Boy Executed

On 29 June a 12-year-old boy was publicly executed allegedly by insurgents in a district centre in Ghazni province Afghanistan. The motive for killing the boy has not yet been established.*

WARNING: Graphic Material

*That was from the original post. As I researched further there surfaced a possibility that he was executed for raping another boy. Interpret that as you will.

Libya Protesters Brutally Killed

Videos of protesters killed by Gaddafi, who has been firing anti aircraft and anti tank machine guns at the protesters. More evidence of his crimes against humanity

Bizarre Accident Scene

Footage showing that the Grim Reaper certainly does has a sense of humour.

Torture by Pakistanis

Self Mutilator Makes *Graphic Video*

This is a video by posted on several sites by a girl named Katee Black. It shows a very disturbed person on many levels. Below is the description that she wrote and posted along with the video. The music came with the video.


"I've always had some sort of fixation with self-mutilation, it was never a way to "satisfy inner pain" or any of that nonsense. I filmed this in August [the original video was in high quality, but the websites I uploaded it to killed the quality] while I was drunk. I generally don't film myself doing these things, but for some reason, it seemed like a good idea after I'd had a bit of vodka.

And no, I'm not "dying", so this doesn't really count as a death video... But this seemed like a fitting site to post it".

WARNING: Very graphic.

Train suicides

Shot In The Chin - Another Protester Killed In Tripoli

Italian Police Violence

1994 Haiti Violence

(GRAPHIC 18+) showing of the bodycount

Crazy Trolley Crash on Live TV

Bike Jump Down Stairs Crash video clip

Hot Girls Risky Business Fail video clip

Egypt - cikgu yg best

baby comel.. (^_^)


Cubaan membunuh diri (Jepun)

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