Tortured To Death

Mans Leg Hangs Off By The Skin After A Bike Accident

13 Year Old Hit By High Speed Train

sucide by television

Brazilian News Is Gorier Than Most R Rated Films

Women Strips Off Commits Suicide Over Niagara Falls

Young Chinese Boys Attacked Savagely Beaten By Gang

Guy Uses A Trashcan To Give A Hoodrat A Beating She Wont Forget

Chainsaw Thief Gets A Solid Beating In The Street - Guy Pulls A Machete Too

Guy Beats His Girlfriend - Rips Her Tits Out During TV Show

Can't blame the man for trying to keep his girlfriend from showing her Chinese food.

When Your Time Is Up There Is Nothing You Can Do

Horrific Head On Crash - Truck Grinds Occupant All Over The Road

Watch just behind the truck at around ten seconds, the poor occupant of the car was demolished.

Blonde Rejects Guys Advances With A Glass So He Attacks Her Instead

perempuan gemuk kene belasah..


WTF Is This Real - Man Blows His Brains Out With A Pistol

Picking Up The Pieces

sucide bomb fail!

BBQ hidup..

lokasi Romania

Man Stabs His Mom Sister Then Himself As He Jumps From 6th Floor

Tembak kepala sendiri dengan senapang

classic video

Badan terbelah dua!

hasil seni yang bagus lagi terperinci

Welcoming Death With Open Arms


bayi yang malang..

tangan bayi tersebut patah akibat daripada peperangan yang berlaku di Libyia

kemalangan ngeri : kaki sebelah tercabut..

moral : topi keledar berharga ribuan ringgit tidak dapat melindungi kaki anda..

tukang gunting rambut belasah si penjual dadah.

Kepala bersepai

Tire Marks Left On His Chest

Pesanan terakhir...

ade sape-sape yang faham??

Christian Blood Letting Ceremony

ada sebab mengapa kamu perlu memakai pakaian ketika bergaduh.

Mans heart still beats on road after accident

Hit and Run

Jari jahanam

Lelaki ini kehilangan sebahagian jarinya dalam mesin.

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