WARNING! GRAPHIC: Girlish Chechen Islamist Killed by Russian Anti-Personnel Mine

As the number of mature islamists in Chechnya is thinning out, the few islamist fat cats left like Dokku Umarov are recruiting daydreamers from among the Chechen youth to go on with jihad against the infidels that brings these fat cats money and political dividends.

The pictures show Hayrullah Hamzatov, a girlish Chechen teen playing a warrior. This game didn't last long for him: in the course of his first "operation" against a Russian military camp he stepped on a Russian anti-personnel landmine, lost his foot and died slowly and painfully of blood loss.

One picture shows him together with some other "teen jihadist" who had some injuries in his own "operation" and it can be clearly seen that these are brain-washed kids showing off.

That's the real face of the Chechen and North Caucasian jihad of "rebels" and "freedom fighters" against Russians.

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